Wyatt Shallbetter


As a fourth-generation family business owner, I take pride in the commitment from everyone on the States Team to our successful future, while we work together to grow and expand our opportunities. Our leadership team knows, and truly believes that our employees are our biggest asset, and we enjoy sharing in our individual, and team success each day at work.

Wyatt’s skill set spans the entire scope of States business. With over a decade of experience on the engineering and manufacturing side of the business, Wyatt is responsible for many of the current practices on the production floor. Furthermore, his years of experience spent designing, testing, and implementing projects has led to his expertise when it comes to assisting customers on the sales side of the business as a technical resource for switchgear, and electrical equipment needs. Through his leadership, the Operations group at States has continued to evolve and expand, leading to a cohesive team that works alongside Engineering and Sales to drive successful projects at States.

In his free time Wyatt enjoys staying busy by traveling with his family and friends. An annual ski/snowboard trip to the mountains with old friends usually means he ends up taking his family to a more tropical destination to keep the peace.

DIRECT: 763.588.7296
MOBILE: 612.799.2426
EMAIL: Wyatts@statesmfg.com