Low Voltage Switchgear


States Manufacturing’s ability to provide fully customized switchgear solutions allows us to meet any customer’s needs while adhering to all applicable UL requirements as well as the latest National Electric Code practices.

Our manufacturing and engineering abilities gives us, and the customer, complete flexibility to tailor the mechanical layout, electrical components, and operating procedure to meet any design requirements an end user may have. From simple distribution switchboards, to mission critical paralleling applications, we have a solution to meet any need.

  • Voltage Rating: Up to 600VAC
  • Ampacity: Up to 5000A
  • Short Circuit Current Rating: Up to 200kA
  • UL 1558 Listed
  • UL 1066 Listed Circuit Breakers
  • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment
  • NEMA Type 1, 3R, 4, or 12 enclosures, corrosive environment enclosures optional
  • ANSI 61 light gray powder coat finish, additional colors optional
  • Front, rear, and side access, optional future expansion provisions
  • Engineering design flexibility allows for custom sheet metal and bussing to allow for bus duct, cable, and transformer connections.
  • Ability to utilize all major manufactures UL Listed components and circuit breakers.
  • Drawout circuit breakers of like frame size and interrupting capacity are interchangeable.
  • Large selection of UL Listed component options are available to be incorporated into equipment prior to shipment. Options include human-machine interface panels (HMI), metering, monitoring, programmable logic controllers (PLC) for automated operations, generator paralleling, protective relaying, surge protective device (SPD), transformers, etc.