Electrical Solutions

Custom Electrical Solutions

Power Distribution & Control Systems

Companies in a broad range of industries turn to States Manufacturing whenever they need customized power distribution and control products, from simple, low-voltage switchboards to the most sophisticated paralleling switchgear.

We’re known for fitting spaces that don’t conform to standard dimensions and meeting specs that off-the-shelf products miss. Our operation, which integrates every step in the design and manufacturing process—from engineering to the final coat of paint—offers value that’s hard to find anywhere else.

And we stand behind what we make, absolutely, all the time. In engineering for instance, we not only respect your specifications, designing to meet every requirement without costly over-engineering, we’re also out there in the field whenever you need support, including immediate field response to any warranty issues.

Panelboard & Industrial Control Cabinets

When you need panelboards or electrical enclosures that depart in any way from the standard off-the-shelf variety, States Manufacturing is your go-to source. Whether it’s unusual dimensions or interior configurations, we will design a solution that works perfectly for you, while meeting or exceeding UL standards.

As with all products we make, we manufacture panelboards and cabinets to perform and to last, with the highest quality, heavy-duty materials and exacting workmanship. Since we control the whole process, from engineering, to sheet metal fabrication, painting, device mounting and wiring, we offer a level of control and accountability that assures the best possible combination of performance and value for you.